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Ways you can volunteer

Volunteering opportunities exist across a broad range of activities. These can range from scientific surveys (involving activities such as setting up and clearing traps, survey work and walking transects), land management (weeding, fence maintenance, clearing tracks) and general sanctuary maintenance (painting, repairs).

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When you can volunteer

Select events are advertised through the year – generally those requiring groups of volunteers, specific skill-sets or an extended commitment of time.

There is generally a high demand and limited places for these opportunities and we simply don’t have enough staff to oversee additional events in order to provide everyone with an opportunity, though we do try our best and appreciate your interest and support.

Other Ways To Donate

Other important information

Volunteer activities can be physically demanding and may involve repetitive activities (such as lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling loads, digging, bending, climbing, walking over extended periods) and often performed in extreme conditions with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees at some locations. Therefore a moderate to high level of fitness is generally required for most volunteer activities. All volunteers should carefully consider the fitness requirements and remoteness of the volunteering activity and seek any appropriate medical advice before deciding whether to apply.


How to register as a volunteer

Please register to become an AWC volunteer through our online portal below.

Once you are added to the volunteer database, you will receive an email notification when a suitable new volunteer opportunity is advertised on the website.

Please note: volunteer opportunities with AWC are limited and may require a specific skill set. For this
reason, registration does not guarantee placement. We will contact you when you have been successfully matched to a volunteering opportunity.